Thank you for nominating ‘rabble rousers to watch’ in 2023!

Eima Johnson
3 min readMar 20


Thank you for nominating ‘rabble rousers to watch’ in 2023!

We won’t sugarcoat it — sometimes working in activism can be onerous, overwhelming and downright disheartening. It can also feel, at times, thankless.

Is anybody listening? Does anyone care? How can I get people to understand and support my cause? Why would anyone listen to me? was created by progressive journalists and activists. So we understand that activism requires amplifiers to help build movements and create change. Activism needs journalism that pays attention to how change happens at the grassroots.

Our ‘rabble rousers to watch’ series does just this.

As is the case every year, our most recent ‘rabble rousers to watch’ survey yielded inspiring results. We heard back from people across the country in response to our annual survey — with exciting suggestions of people making real change in their communities and nationally.

Let’s travel across our vast country to meet a few of our nominees.

Starting in New Brunswick, Black Lives Matters activists are organizing to dismantle all forms of anti-Black racism and to support Black healing. Drive a few hours west and in Peterborough, a grassroots movement has come together to support the homeless population by providing miniature homes and support services. Keep travelling west and in Medicine Hat, meet an inspiring retired man with disabilities who is devoting his life to advocating for all persons with disabilities living in poverty in Canada. Visit Calgary, and you’ll meet an Indigenous activist who is nominated for her steadfast advocacy for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls. Sail over to Victoria, B.C. and learn about a community-led action group which has been created to save urban forests from development by lobbying their city council to improve tree preservation bylaws.

These are just some of the nominees our readers put forth, and we are excited to share their stories, their struggles, and their issues with you through our Lynn Williams activist toolkit.

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